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My contribution to this chapter. All sections will be up at [ profile] read_lotr_aloud soon. :)

1) Apparently 'nettles and thistles' is frakking impossible for me to say. :-P (That's the face I pull when I'm trying to say it as well.)
2) Nerds like me may recognise the tune in this.
3) Singing as if you are a worried hobbit and simply not being able to sing sound remarkably similar.

Click here to listen.

The light grew clearer as they went forward. Suddenly they came out of the trees and found themselves in a wide circular space. There was sky above them, blue and clear to their surprise, for down under the Forest-roof they had not been able to see the rising morning and the lifting of the mist. The sun was not, however, high enough yet to shine down into the clearing, though its light was on the tree-tops. The leaves were all thicker and greener about the edges of the glade, enclosing it with an almost solid wall. No tree grew there, only rough grass and many tall plants: stalky and faded hemlocks and wood-parsley, fire-weed seeding into fluffy ashes, and rampant nettles and thistles. A dreary place: but it seemed a charming and cheerful garden after the close Forest.

The hobbits felt encouraged, and looked up hopefully at the broadening daylight in the sky. At the far side of the glade there was a break in the wall of trees, and a clear path beyond it. They could see it running on into the wood, wide in places and open above, though every now and again the trees drew in and overshadowed it with their dark boughs. Up this path they rode. They were still climbing gently, but they now went much quicker, and with better heart; for it seemed to them that the Forest had relented, and was going to let them pass unhindered after all.

But after a while the air began to get hot and stuffy. The trees drew close again on either side, and they could no longer see far ahead. Now stronger than ever they felt again the ill will of the wood pressing on them. So silent was it that the fall of their ponies' hoofs, rustling on dead leaves and occasionally stumbling on hidden roots, seemed to thud in their ears. Frodo tried to sing a song to encourage them, but his voice sank to a murmur.

O! Wanderers in the shadowed land
despair not! For though dark they stand,
all woods there be must end at last,
and see the open sun go past:
the setting sun, the rising sun,
the day's end, or the day begun.
For east or west all woods must fail ...

_Fail -_ even as he said the word his voice faded into silence. The air seemed heavy and the making of words wearisome. Just behind them a large branch fell from an old overhanging tree with a crash into the path. The trees seemed to close in before them.
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This is my section of the third chapter of the Lord of the Rings. The other instalments should soon be posted over at [ profile] read_lotr_aloud

LiveJournal hates me. I tried to post this repeatedly via Gizmo, with no luck. Our support request has not yet been answered, and initially when I tried to post via phone I was repeatedly rejected. Of course, when I did get through, I was cut off after a minute because no one can fix the problem the UK voice post numbers have for some reason. So, this installment is pretty rubbish and I made lots of mistakes due to wanting to hurl my phone through the computer screen. You can download a better version here, but I wasn't sure if non-voice post recordings were allowed!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4
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This is my extract from this month's chapter. All the posts comprising Chapter 2 should be up in a few days time at [ profile] read_lotr_aloud.

Sorry if the quality is a little off - it's the best I could seem to achieve with Gizmo/my microphone!
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So, the assignment that I was moaning about yesterday (and no, I still haven't watched Lost) was Bad Film Night at Samantha's house - a group of girls from our magazine team trying to watch as many crap movies as possible before we lost the will to live, with Bethan writing down our responses throughout the marathon. It didn't quite work out like that as only Bethan and I turned up and three isn't really enough to get truly silly, and only I had any alcohol, so we didn't have drunkenness to improve the ordeal. But I have to say, although I was *dreading* the whole affair it actually turned out to be a lot of fun. I have also learnt that a) I have a worrying skill for following the plot in films written by 100 monkeys and a broken typewriter and was therefore roped in as official 'what the hell is going on' explainer, and b) I have a insanely high tolerance for crap. Sam had to go out and give her boyfriend a lift and ended up being out for about an hour due to some fuck up so she wasn't really fair competition, but I was still up for another film by the time Bethan fell asleep on the couch. In the event we only managed four films, as we started quite late and all had lots of work to get through the next day (we finished about 3am when Bethan fell asleep and I started playing Lego Star Wars on the X Box) so it wasn't truly a marathon, but I think we would have actually gone mad after that point, plus we were disenchanted after clearly picking the best of our selection of crap-for-sale-in-Oxfam-for-30p first off. (That's another thing we learnt: it's impossible to judge the quality of these films from the cover, or indeed even the content.)

You know you want to read on. )

So what did we learn?
1) That a bit of plot is good, but don't get delusions above your station.
2) All bad films must have plenty of random violence and nudity to distract from their badness
3) When casting a seductive alien temptress, try and cast someone who is actually seductive. If you can't find anyone, at least make her naked.
4) Even the hardest women will suddenly become maternal the minute they've given birth, even if they were trying to abort the fetus two scenes ago.
5) If you cast someone who looks like Dolph Lundgren, make sure your film has at least one scene in which he gets his shirt off.
6) When in doubt, drink more.
7) This genre is the only one where Europeans are allowed to play good guy Americans. This is presumably because once you've filled up the supporting roles the only available actors left in the country are a) porn stars or b) unable to speak in full sentences.
8) Everyone in the future dresses like a hooker.
9) Billy Dee Williams must never work again, just to save my childhood illusions.
10) Rutger Hauer pwns you all.
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That's a really good demonstration of a) how I am not joking when I say I can't play the piano and b) why it's bad to sing when you've just been eating Haribo Tangfastics.

And Now. An excellent meme from [ profile] angevin2

I've chosen three keywords from the IMDB listings of several of my favorite TV shows and movies. Guess what I'm watching.

1: Caning, personality cult, ethnic slur.

2: Drugs, Frenchwoman, title spoken by character. Lost, guessed by [ profile] unevendays

3: Decapitation, historical, flashback sequence. Highlander the series, guessed by [ profile] iansmomesq

4: Sistene Chapel, person on fire, friendship.

5: Cult favourite, male bonding, famous opening titles.

6: Shipwreck, musical number, male frontal nudity.

7: Death of hero, metamophosis, telephone box. Doctor Who TV movie, guessed by [ profile] iansmomesq

8: Runaway, independent film, psychiatrist. Marillon's Brave guessed by [ profile] unevendays

9: Nude woman mudered, homosexual, aristocrat.

10: Sex, profanity, senate. Rome, guessed by [ profile] iansmomesq


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